Golden Tribute

As we start out in life, full of hopes, full of dreams,
We can often omit the important, it seems.
We may strive for advancement, perhaps a big raise,
But a lifelong commitment’s more worthy of praise.

Oh, there’s times that we note great achievements in life,
When we pass out awards to a husband or wife.
But the honors bestowed while pursuing careers
Ought to pale to a marriage that lasts fifty years!

Through the valleys and peaks, they have laughed, they have cried,
But the journey has always been two, side by side.
So we gather together as fam’ly and friends
To acknowledge that true love, like time, never ends.

It survives when the chaos of worldly events
Seems incredibly tragic and makes little sense.
When it's nourished by tolerance, patience and trust,
Then like fine rings of gold, it won't tarnish or rust.

We tell stories of when they became man and wife
And our wishes for both are good health and long life—-
For their journey’s not done, merely paused as we pray,
And to God, we give thanks for our blessings today.

May their faith keep them steadfast and true to their vow.
Their example of love, let us celebrate now.
We congratulate both, and I’m sure everyone
Will stand up and applaud and say, “Bravo! Well done!”

----Neil Ferguson

A tribute in rhyme to Roy and Norma Ferguson
for the celebration of their 50th Anniversary

Copyright 1999 – All Rights Reserved