Knight50's Bawdy Night Page

'Twas the Knight Before Christmas and all through his castle,
There were pretty, young wenches who started a hassle.
Their stockings had run and their bosoms were bare!
And they fought over who had the perkiest pair!

They were constantly sneaking the squires into bed,
Screaming loudly from cumming when getting some head.
They would show off their thighs and their tight little asses,
Then tease the young gents as they tried to make passes.

The dommes in their leathers and subs wearing straps
Would be shrieking all night from the whips and the slaps.
But I never complained 'bout the noise and the clatter,
So draw ye all near while I re-tell this matter...

The moons and the breasts of the nymphs in my lair
Keep me horny all day, always throbbing "down there."
As my wandering eyes see their bodies appear,
I begin to make sure I've got lots of "rain gear."

My "jousting pole's" standing, now, hardened and thick.
And the pussies it's probed have all cum pretty quick!
With our moaning and squirming, in gushers we came!
I would scream out in bliss and I'd call them by name.

"Now, Dancer, Entrancer and, oh yes, sweet Vixen!"
They knew they'd be cumming as soon as my dick's in.
Outside on the porch, or with backs to the wall,
Even stealing a joust while we shopped at the mall!

'Twas a plan that they thought up and knew it would work.
We would sneak to a dressing room, right past the clerk.
With a wink of my eye, and a tug on the curtain,
The room was secured... we were ready, for certain!

They dressed all in fur, from their heads to their toes,
And wore nothing beneath 'cept some garters and hose.
Their eyes, how they twinkled! their dimples, how merry!
Their cheeks were like roses, each nose like a cherry!

They spoke not a word, but went straight for my crotch.
And in moments they'd earned one more lipstick case notch.
Dancer rubbed my protrustion aside of her nose,
And then purred like a cat as it stiffened and rose!

Then they peeled off their stockings and dropped all their coats,
Within moments, I knew I'd be sowing wild oats!
Ev'ry damsel was rescued as moans echoed 'round,
The debauchery there was a matter profound!

When the sighs at last stopped and the ladies were smiling,
I just gazed at their figures and curves so beguiling.
We snickered and hoped that the clerk hadn't heard
And we wondered if he ever guessed what occurred?

Quickly tidying up, we snuck back to the car.
And prepared for more antics in kingdoms afar.
Each woman exclaimed, as we drove out of sight,
"Bawdy tidings to all! He's a very good Knight!"